The troubled teen transformation project (t3) 


coming soon to a community near you...

In the Fall of 2018, The Troubled Movement team will begin the planning stages of The Troubled Teen Transformation Project, which will also be known as T3. We will first begin expansion in our birthplace, Houston, Texas by continuing to mentor and award scholarships to more teens in our communities and surrounding areas. By the end of 2018, we will have an official plan to build The Troubled Teen Transformation Community Center in the heart of Houston and expand to the top five cities with the highest rate of teen incarceration, pregnancy, and low graduation rates. Those cities include (ranging from lowest to highest): Cleveland, Baltimore, Atlanta, Detroit, and Chicago.

In the state of Texas alone, 31 out every 1,000 teen girls (ages 15-19) gave birth, higher than the 20.8 US average*. Our community center will work to prevent teen pregnancy, as well as provide financial and counseling resources to teen mothers. The National Youth Risk Survey of 2015 stated, 19% (12% woman and 7% men) in high school have experienced teen dating violence or abuse*. Our community center will partner with licensed therapist, abuse advocates, and attorneys to inform our youth of the risks and actions to take to prevent these situations. The most important statistic T3 plans to alleviate is teen suicide, often caused by bullying, single-parent or no-parent households, educational delinquencies, mental illness, and negative influences. Suicide is the third-leading cause of death for teens 13-19, accounting for 11% of teen deaths*. As a survivor of sexual abuse and suicide attempts as a teenager, I began not only this project but this organization from experience and testimony. With the help of our donors, we will lower the above statistics and build positive teenagers by breaking down negative barriers.

*Statistics found on Center for Disease Control