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In honor of National Suicide Prevention Day 2017, Author and Motivator Maranda Evans traveled to the city of Opelousas, Louisiana where her grandmother and ancestors originated as the keynote speaker for "Mental Health Matters", an event put together by the small, loving community of Palmetto. In her speech, "The Whys, The Signs, and The Prevention", supported by the scripture Romans 12:2; Maranda briefly tells her story of attempting suicide at 15 by taking 45 Motrin and 15 Excedrin pills, being transported to the hospital unconscious, and held in a psychiatric facility for a week with no family, no friends, and no freedom. (Told in another video) Maranda then goes on to explain what the signs of mental illness looks like, how to watch for them, and how to handle them whether you're a loved one or experiencing it for yourself. Maranda is not a licensed health professional but believes that there is no greater teacher than experience. As someone who has been there, she lived to share her story through her God-given purpose and testimony.

Book Maranda Evans, Author and Motivator for your next event. Maranda has spoken to many audiences around the city of Houston. From churches, events, to a small group of teens; she has a story for any environment.

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